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How To Choose A Pole Saw

Written by Melissa Crandall

By the way, what should we look for in a pole trimmer first of all? Well, you must know that the manual saws (if you buy one) are excellent only if you need to trim down a few branches each year. With more trees, you ‘d better choose an electric pole saw. Overall electric trimmers are perfect for those who have several trees on their property, especially if the trees need yearly pruning. Of course, the most powerful tools are gas saws. They are the kind of tools best to use to cut the trees that line the streets in towns or plants in parks and public gardens. Gas powered pole saws are most efficient among all trimmers and can make short work of any pruning job. You might have seen them in action, and probably you know they are mighty and fast. At the same time, they are most expensive and require the most upkeep.

For many years I ‘d been using the same old pruning stick and eventually decided to look for a better pole saw for myself. After searching, I’ve found out that now I can choose both manual saws and more powerful electric or gas pole trimmers for sheavier pruning jobs and the variety of all kinds of tools are amazing. To make the better purchase, I think you first need to estimate the amount of work you have to cope with in your yard. I think gas-powered professional trimmers are worth buying if you run or plan to start a landscaping business. Most householders don’t need a tool like that as electric pole saws are quite enough in that case. With the Do-it-Yourself mentality taking place in an attempt to save money, more people are going out and buying power tools. There are a wide range of power tools that are a must-have if you plan on doing work around the house, whether it is inside or outside. What a pole saw is one of these items that can benefit you regardless of the type of work you do. A chainsaw on top of a pole, they are commonly used for outdoor purposes such as tree trimming and such tasks. Once you have one in your possession, you’ll discover how truly useful it is and will have lots more ways to use it!


Different Kinds of Pole Saws

Like other saws, pole saws come in different sizes, some examples are here at, motors and are designed to operate differently. The specific tasks that you need this item for will determine which one is right for you.

Cordless Pole Saws- This operates on battery alone. With a short life – usually around an hour – these types of pole saws are only good if you plan to use them for a short time. If you simply use your pole saw to cut down dangling branches that pose a threat to your home or car, then this pole saw will do the job. These also tend to be the lightest pole saws on the market and often, the cheapest ones. Electric Pole Saws- an electric saw is one that you plug in to use. These might be trouble-free or difficult, depending on where you use it. If you intend to utilise it outdoors, it can be a pain as you will have to drag an extension cord behind you and to depend upon how long you have to work, you may get tired of this. However, if you plan to utilize it indoors on small projects, it may be the perfect saw for you! Gas Powered Pole Saws- These are by far the most common types of pole saws purchased, simply because of their power and their longevity in certain tasks. If you work outside a lot or have a professional landscaping business, a gas powered pole saw would be the best option. These tend to be the heaviest and the loudest because they are gas powered. They are also the strongest pole saws available and can even cut down trees if the need arises.

Choosing a pole saw for your needs is not difficult if you know what you are looking to accomplish with the tool. With many different options on the market, you are sure to find the perfect one!



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