Infidelity & Forgiveness

It can be hard to forgive, especially if your partner has broken the most solemn of their marriage vows. Surprisingly, infidelity is not necessarily fatal to a relationship. With the appropriate communication, therapy and a willingness to let go, many couples get past it. As strange as it may seem, in some cases, the healing process can actually make a relationship stronger.
Couples who survive this tragedy do so when the offending person takes responsibility for his or her actions and becomes open to dealing with their partner’s pain and anger. Most people can’t imagine living with someone who has betrayed them in this way, but the

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Can Your Relationship Survive Cheating?

Did you know that 99% of men cheat in America — and the other 1% cheat overseas?
That is a joke, of course, which highly overestimates the percentage of men that cheat. “It is estimated that roughly 30% to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage … Men are more likely than women to cheat. But, as women become more financially independent, women are starting to act more like men with respect to infidelity.”
We have probably all heard the statement that men tend to cheat just for

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9 Things to Do If Your Wife is Cheating

How often do women cheat? According to Bradford Wilcox, Ph.D. the director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia 14 percent of married women cheat. In other words, the chances of a wife cheating are slim in spite of what you may read on a lot of internet sites.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the statistics about how often wives are accused of cheating compared to the actual statistics?
And one has to wonder, if husbands were more aware of the low percentage of wives who cheat would they find it easier to trust and let go of

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An ultimate guide to face the problem of the adult relationship

adult relationship

We are living in that surrounding where people are taking lightly to the marriages. They are making fun, as they are not too much interested in their spouse and they need outsiders. Here outsiders refer to the extramarital affairs as well as a person who is responsible for creating a problem in marriage life. There are so many sites dedicated to the problem of adultery in relationship/marriage-SFW which are helpful in maintaining life properly and solve our issues regarding it. Following are the causes which are responsible for gaining problem:-

Trust and distrust: There is true saying that effective

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