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“Matters of the Heart” Relationship seminar on Divorce and marriage (Free)

“Matters of the Heart”

Relationship Seminar and workshop series (Free)
Divorce and separation
February 4th 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Event Location: Gilpin County Community Center
250 Norton Drive, Blackhawk CO 80422
Applicable Counseling & Coaching Services will be conducting a seminar on divorce, separation, and bad relationships in Blackhawk, Colorado. We also will be talking to those who want to save their marriage or have a better marriage.
Matters of the Heart seminar series will be hosted by Dr. Charles Sanders Ph.D., AACC Board Certified BCBC Counselor, LCI Certification and AACC Board Certified BCMCLC Master Life Coach.
Many of you know Charles from the articles you have seen in newspapers, his blogs or have heard him on the radio. Charles is noted as one of the 30 Best Writers in Counseling and Psychology Blogs in the United States. He’s been counseling and coaching for over 30 years.
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A New Beginning is a turn-around weekend designed to help couples who feel stuck in an unhealthy marriage, couples who are frustrated and unhappy, and couples considering divorce. Any marriage can be saved, and our experience with thousands of couples proves that it really is possible for both husband and wife to fall deeply in love with each other again, and build a mutually satisfying relationship that will last.

Three out of four couples who attend A New Beginning choose to stay married. Our statistics indicate that couples who attend this weekend leave our interactive workshop with the tools they need to make their marriage work and more than 75% stay together. Even couples who decide not to remain in their marriage recommend this marriage workshop to others, because the insights gained and the skills learned are invaluable and life changing!

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