Adultery Fiction

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by: sue1973

We kissed and Les held me firmly. His hand found it’s way under my short leather skirt and inside my g string.

I had recently had sex with Les, my hubby, John’s best friend when he was drunk and oblivious to anything. I didn’t feel guilty at all when I had had time to sum things up over the next few days. John had been a poor provider of sex for me for quite a long time. he would always come home from work late, because he’d dropped into the pub and after dinner, he’d be off again to have a few drinks with his mates in the club. The only sex that I’d had during the last three months was when John insisted on me giving him a blow job on a few occasions when he came home late from the club.

Les had been sober when we had our fuck session on my living room floor, so he really had no excuses.

The day after the event, I made a phone call to Les, who was feeling guilty about what had happened. I suppose that he had every right to feel guilty, having fucked his best friend’s wife the previous night. My greatest worry was that his guilt could lead to him confessing to John. However after chatting to les for a while, I became confident that he could keep our secret. I told Les that things should continue as normal and to ignore what had happened.
Over the next few weeks things did indeed continue as normal. John would come home from work, have his dinner, down a few cans of Bud, then head off to the club and come home drunk and crash out. My marriage remained sexless, except for a semi drunk John demanding me to felate him one evening whilst watching a porn film on his computer.
The weekends remained the same too. We continued to go to the American Bar on Saturday nights. I was cautious about making a move on Les again, although, I sensed that he would have been willing. Then one evening when we were in the bar and had joined up with our group of friends, one of them called Andy told us that he was having a party in his house in Connsbrook Avenue and to drop by after the band finished playing. So at One am we drove over to Andy’s house, It was my turn to drive that night so I hadn’t been drinking. John was his usual drunk self and Les was just a little tipsy. The thought of free booze at Andy’s party seemed to inspire John and he couldn’t wait to get there

When we arrived, John and Les went in quest of the free booze, I found myself in the kitchen, handing out the party food, drinking coffee and got chatting to a few friends, who I hadn’t seen in ages. It wasn’t long before I got a report that John had crashed out and they had carried him to a spare room to sleep it off. Les joined us in the kitchen and was more interested in sausage rolls and coffee by this stage than the free booze. I suddenly felt the urge to have that lovely stiff cock of his inside me again.

The main party had moved outside and I persuaded Les to go out to the garden with me to where Andy had set up his barbacue. While Les chatted to some of our friends, I decided to do some exploring. The garden attached to Andy’s house was divided into two parts by a privet hedge. The party was confined to the concreted area near the house and beyond the hedge was a large lawn with old stables and a disused shed at the far end. I waited there, knowing that Les had seen where I had gone and in time would come looking for me.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes, Les came through the gate, shining a small torch which was attached to his key ring. Les asked me what I was doing down there in the dark, I replied, “Waiting for you” Then I took his hand and led him farther down the garden and stood with my back to the wall of the old stable. We kissed and Les held me firmly. his hand found it’s way under my short leather skirt and inside my g string. His fingers flicked across my aroused clit. I gasped with the thrill of it. I undid my blouse and exposed my boobs for Les to fondle. Meanwhile I succedded in freeing his already stiff cock from his jeans and pulled his foreskin right back, exposing his pre cum coated gland. I dropped down on my knees and took it as deep as I could manage.

I could have spent hours pleasuring Les with my hot lips, but I knew that someone would notice us missing. I felt that Les was close to cumming, so I stopped sucking and stood up. I removed my g string and hung it on a conveniant nail, sticking out of the wall and then stood facing the stable wall again, with my legs spread as wide as felt comfortable. Les got behind me and tried to enter me, but was missing the target every time, I reached round and guided that big cock of his into my pussy. Les wasn’t messing about now, he fucked me hard, mauled my boobs and kissed and bit my neck. I could feel his cock growing and stiffening inside me. I was willing him on and kept telling him to fuck me harder and faster.

Then he moaned and I felt his hot cum gushing into my pussy for the second time. I orgasmed, My knees gave in at this point and Les had to hold me to him to stop me falling. He held me like that utill I had taken every last drip of his hot cum. Les withdrew, I told him to get back to the party. I stayed there, supporting myself and looking down at the growing puddle of cum on the ground which was dripping from my satisfied pussy and I smiled.