Male masturbation: Multitasking while stimulating yourself

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Did you know that there are toys that can help you masturbate while doing something else simultaneously? While some of you are delighted, others are probably wondering why they would do that? We’ll answer all your questions here.

Self stimulation

Most people masturbate because it feels so great. You often have to get into the zone to do it and not care if you explode all over the place or moan loudly and not have to worry about anyone hearing you. That’s when masturbation sessions are the hottest.

However, there are some downsides to self-stimulation. It often requires some time and your full attention and concentration. It’s easy to think men have it easy. They stroke their penises a couple of times, and that’s it, right? Well, it’s not always like that. Many men have to look up male masturbation tips because sometimes, it seems like nothing is working.

If you’re one of those men looking for some tips for more pleasurable masturbation — we’ve got your back. Let’s talk about multitasking while masturbating, its convenience, and the toys you can use to make solo sex feel mind-blowing.

Why multitask?

We get it. It’s difficult to get into the idea of multitasking while masturbating. It can be pretty hard to do anything while you’re so focused on masturbating and your dominant hand is busy. Self-stimulation is also a form of sex, and is it possible to do anything while having sex with a partner? It’s almost impossible, we’d say.

On the other hand, sometimes, you’re in the middle of something, and you get this incredible urge. You just have to pop a nut. So what do you do? Exactly that. Maybe you came to this idea while doing homework or playing a video game. Whatever the reason may be, those were the times when you tried multitasking while masturbating.

Besides, when the desire overcomes you, you don’t have much choice than to do what your body is urging you to.

The search n’ jerk technique

When you give yourself time and space to jerk off, it’s usually using the search n’ jerk technique. If it doesn’t sound familiar now, it will once we tell you exactly what it is.

Once the masturbation session begins, you have to look for some material to help you reach orgasm. That can be adult magazines, porn, literotica, or anything else you like. Now, we all know how hard it can be to find the perfect video at times. The same applies to finding just the right reading material that will set the mood. You never just sit there scrolling through porn videos. One hand is always on the mouse, while the other is stroking your penis. There you have it — the search n’ jerk technique!

Women have it easy because they can use various household items to masturbate while they’re doing something productive. So what about men? Men could use some kind of aid to masturbate freely as well. What they need is hands-free masturbation!

Hands-free masturbation

What did we mean when we said women had it easy? Well, there are some well-known household items that they can use to masturbate. No, we’re not talking about fruits and vegetables. We’re talking about shower heads and jacuzzi water jets.

Not all of us have jacuzzis, but those that do know how versatile they can be. Water jets can be used to stimulate you and bring you to explosive orgasm while you’re having a bath. The same goes for the use of a showerhead. It doesn’t matter if they’re detached or not, the right amount of pressure onto the perfect spot will feel like hitting the jackpot every time.

Sadly, these masturbation techniques are available to women only. Still, there are ways for men to incorporate them into their solo sessions. While it may not feel great to stimulate the penis this way, you may want to try stimulating the perineum instead. You can do that while stroking the penis at the same time, which means you’re simultaneously masturbating and… well, masturbating. It’s still multitasking!

Since women have all these things to help them masturbate hands-free, how awesome would it be if men had something similar? Luckily, lovegasm offers toys like that!

Auto-masturbators and how to use them

Men are lucky because these toys are real. If you haven’t heard of auto-masturbators before, you’re missing out. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to tell you all about how great they are and how to use them.

These toys can have multiple different features. Some of them will mimic the experience of getting head, while others will stroke you until you make them stop. The inside of the hole can also have ridges that will amplify the sensations. Trust us when we say that once you try these toys, you will never go back to doing things solo.

Since auto-masturbators function on their own, there’s not much you have to do. Some of them you’ll have to hold, but others will do all the work on their own. All you need to do is set the pace, and you’re good to go.

This amount of convenience is almost unheard of elsewhere in the world of sex toys. That’s especially the case when we’re talking about male sex toys. While using auto-masturbators, you can be productive and go about your day like you normally would.

It won’t matter if you’re watching TV, working on your computer, or eating dinner — this toy will help you masturbate at the same time. It’s self-stimulation made easy and the level of multitasking you probably haven’t reached yet.

Imagine the possibilities

Don’t forget to take good care of your device so that it lasts you a long time. Make sure you charge and clean it accordingly. Most of them will have a detachable inside silicone tube for more convenience. You can simply wash it with lukewarm water and soap, then let it dry.

Once you get this toy, the possibilities are endless. It will make you want to explore all the activities you can do while masturbating. Masturbation will become exciting again. We all know how repetitive techniques can make things boring. That will never be the case with auto-masturbators.

Multitasking like this will help you in numerous ways. You will be able to focus better, do other things at the same time, and even last longer in bed. We don’t see a single reason why these toys would be bad for you. Auto-masturbators will only make your sex life more fun.

Author: wildwildleft