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Reflecting on the message I convey in detail in my long video series on various aspects of the NT teaching on Marriage Permanence and when the bond God establishes breaks, how adultery is committed in this regard, etc. I remember how confused I was 8 years ago, and the Tidal wave of information coming out in my videos and make one’s eyes spin and roll back leading to light headed-ness etc.. I get that. So let me just lay out the bottom line what the teaching is, without a lot of the nuance details. For that you need to watch the videos full of the details.

Hello guys! Want to know more what islam says about dating? Let’s watch this video till the end 🙂 This is my first vlog. Need your support to like my video and drop your positive comment:) Sorry for my grammatical error and my bad pronunciation ^_^

Going our separate ways. Today we talk about separation, divorce and what’s best for the kids.

As we examine the story of the woman caught in adultery we see a number of things. We see the actions of many of the religious leaders of the day and how determined they were to find fault with Jesus. We tend to allow judgement to creep into our hearts as we lack awareness of how dirty our hearts really are. The religious leaders were so determined that they were even willing to leverage the shame of another individual. But Jesus responds in a way that shows an incredible picture of God’s grace toward us. Where have you allowed judgement to creep in? Have you lost sight of your need for grace?