Why blaming yourself will not help you recover from your partner’s cheating issues

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It’s Not You Who Did It

Marriage is sacred to many, and that’s why it’s so tough when this bond is broken. Not a lot of things can cause marriage issues, but cheating does it every time. The first thing you’ll think about is that it’s your fault. Somehow, you’ll find all the reasons why you forced your partner into cheating. Were you a bad partner? Did you not give them enough love? Stop these intrusive thoughts before they take over. Why? Because someone else cheating is never your fault.


There can be many reasons why your partner was unfaithful, but you are not to blame. Open communication is always an option if there are marital problems. Instead, your partner chose to cheat. It may seem a lot for you to process right now, but understanding it’s not your fault is the first step towards recovery. It may be hard at first, but soon you’ll realize that you can’t blame yourself for this. Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about moving on in this recovery guide from cheating.

You Always Did the Best for Your Relationship

When you find yourself having cheating issues with your partner, it’s natural to start picking your relationship apart. Remember that one time you said something bad out of anger? Could that be the reason for this? Or maybe that time when you were dramatic for no reason. These examples sound silly because they are. We’re all human, and it’s normal to make mistakes. That’s why we need to have good communication and resolve them.


So, why did your partner do this? It could be as simple as they wanted more or the thrill of doing something forbidden. Many are drawn to exactly that, and it’s not something you can’t blame yourself for. When you think back, you’ve done all you can for your marriage. You were a good partner with a couple of flaws, but none of them are grave enough for your partner to do something like this.


Playing the blame game is never fun, but we can help you point the finger if you need this to move on. The only one to blame is your partner and nobody else. 

It’s Just a Bad Person, Not a Bad Life

Now, it’s normal to make mistakes in life. One of those mistakes can involve misjudging someone’s character. The truth is you can never know what someone is truly like. You may be with someone for years and even marry them before they show your true colors. This is something you can’t blame yourself for either. How were you supposed to know that this isn’t the partner of your dreams even when you thought they were? That’s not something you can know because all you can do is trust them.


What do you do once your partner shows their true colors? The only thing you can do — move on. We know this is easier said than done, but falling victim to a cheating partner doesn’t mean your life will end. Sure, you were cheated on, but you can’t let that weigh you down in life. You may have a difficult time for a while, but life goes on, and time doesn’t stop for nobody.

Cheating in a Relationship Is Never Valid

The next thing you may catch yourself doing is looking for ways to justify cheating. The blame game is back, and your partner is taking none of it. But hear us when we say that cheating in a relationship is never valid. That’s right, no matter how bad a relationship may have been or how bad of a partner you think you were at some point. You can solve all problems with good communication or even couples therapy.


Then, you may feel the need to understand your partner’s reasons for cheating, all in an attempt to make them valid. Again, nothing in this world could justify cheating. Your partner says they love and care for you, but they do something that hurts you this much and shatters your relationship. What could justify that? Absolutely nothing. So, know that this isn’t love or how someone that loves you should treat you. Once you realize your worth, moving on will become easier.

The End of a Relationship Is the Start of a New Life

Cheating issues are what ends relationships. Why? Simply because your trust is broken, and you can’t rebuild it. You don’t share our opinion? Think about it this way: you make amends with your partner, and they go out for a drink with their friends. Trust us when we say that you’ll never be able to have peace of mind because you’ll always think about the what if. What if they’re lying or out cheating again? This is not the kind of relationship you want to be in, so it’s best to end things.

Alright, your marriage is over, and now what? Life as you know it doesn’t have to end. You will struggle and be hurt for a bit, but you’ll pick yourself back up. In fact, you may even have an influx of opportunities you couldn’t take before because your partner was weighing you down. You can now move for a better job, go to all the places your partner didn’t want to visit and live your life to the fullest. Marriage to a wonderful partner that complements your lifestyle is a great thing, but both parties need to compromise for the sake of the other. That’s not the case anymore because you’re free from the person that wasn’t right for you to begin with.

Your Kids Need You More Than They Need Your Partner

What you should never overlook in situations like this are your kids. You may be going through something traumatic, but so are they. It’s true that kids need both parents for healthy growth, but you need to assume a new position in their lives. You can be a single parent or choose to co-parent with your cheating partner, but nobody is forcing you to do that. You’re perfectly capable of taking care of your kids on your own. And do you really want them to grow up listening to you bickering? Of course not.


Your kids will help you be strong and remain sane. How come? Well, they don’t give you a choice. You can always be sad and hurt when you’re alone, but you need to ensure they know you’re feeling well enough to support and give them all the love they deserve. Besides, they shouldn’t be the ones to suffer over this because this is an issue between you and your partner only. So, stop the blame game, and ensure your kids know that this is something you’ll get through together.

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